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Making Something Beautiful from Ashes

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By no means is my journey at an end. I just had to learn how to walk it a different way. While in Peru six years ago, I knew something was off. After several days of being so sick, I wasn't sure I would make it home, I was finally recovered enough to enjoy the food and people of Cusco. I watched as this sweet lady sheered an alpaca, spun its wool into yarn and then dyed it with herbs. I knew then what I wanted to do. I wasn't sure how, but I was going to take that back to the States and talk my husband into a small herd of Alpacas. A year later, I was playing soccer against some teens in Mexico who were not taking it easy on me for my age. I suddenly couldn't get my breath and felt like my heart was going to pop. I came back to a steady decline and a confusing diagnosis. Over the next 6 years I went from playing soccer with kids to using a walker. But with the slowing of my pace, I learned how to use the yarn I would one day learn how to spin. I still have to find a way to talk Barry into the Alpacas. But for know, I'm practicing my craft.

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